Daniel Radcliffe, the famed young British star of the Harry Porter movie series, celebrates his 23rd birthday today, 23rd July 2012. Frankly, I do not really deem myself part of his core fandom nor that of the Harry Porter film series. I probably have only seen two out of the eight Harry Porter releases and, out of his several other movie and theatre appearances, I have only seen the December Boys. However, as he celebrates his birthday today, something about his life beyond the big screen has sparked a little more interest in him here in South Africa beyond his new movie (The Woman in Black), which premiered here over the weekend.

City Press, a popular South African newspaper, has revealed that Daniel Radcliffe is partly South African! According to the paper, his maternal grandfather was a South African and Radcliffes mother was born here in South Africa. It is reported that Radcliffe did not often talk about this part of descent because his South African grandfather was not really a pleasant man and did not treat his grandmother quite well. The situation led to his grandmother and his mom (two weeks old at the time) leaving the country for the UK.

In any case, all the way from the Rainbow Nation, we send you rainbow postcards and wish you more colourful accolades in your illustrious career as we say: “Mini Emnandi Kuwe” (and many more happy returns)!